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Cover up worse than the crime

“Cover up worse than the crime,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 28, 2023

We’ve known about the massive fraud and theft perpetrated by Sam Bankman Fried: stealing billions from innocent investors, likely hundreds here on the Central Coast. What we learned recently was the White House answer to why Biden and his staff had so many meetings with Sam. The cover up answer: to consult Sam on Pandemic strategies. Not only is this cover up absurd, with Sam having no experience in virology, but it is highly insulting to the American people. We know Sam gave over $41 million to Biden and other Democrats, but Biden wouldn’t admit Sam was giving the money to lobby for protection of his crypto-scam. Americans are tired of this method of fundraising, but it took the cover-up to reveal the extent of unbridled corruption!

— Dalila Epperson, Monterey