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Participate in government

“Participate in government,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 6, 2023

As our newly elected officials take their place on city councils and the Board of Supervisors, we the citizens must always remember and fight for the notion that the citizens set policy for our government. Sadly, this appears to not be the case in America, even with local government.

Watching Congress, does anyone think they have the best interests of Americans in mind? Too often locally, government employees act as though they set policy for their agencies, with elected officials taking a back seat and having to follow strict rules on how they can intercede. A city department head once told me, “Council has nothing to say about how I do my job.” What?

It is time for this to end! Attend your city council and supervisor meetings. Take an active role in government. We not only have the right to question the actions of our elected officials and paid employees, we have an obligation as Americans to do so. Government officials work for the citizens. Few seem to honor that notion.

Faded and old as it is, the Constitution still starts with the words “We The People….”  We need to constantly remind our elected officials and government employees of this!

— Demetrius Kastros, Monterey