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Tesla experimenting with coastal residents’ health

“Tesla experimenting with coastal residents’ health,” The Mercury News Sept. 23, 2022

Re. “Highway 1 reopened in Moss Landing following fire in Tesla Megapack battery storage facility,” Sept. 20:

On Sept. 20 massive toxic clouds emanated from the nation’s largest battery plant. Highway 1 was closed for 12 hours and substantial areas were instructed to shelter in place and not use ventilation to minimize exposure to carcinogenic air.

Residents were exposed to toxic emissions including cobalt, nickel, lithium and arsenic; authorities stated this toxic air should persist for days. Not only is this plant a toxic hazard, but the total energy storage would only power California for two minutes, in its grid backup role. The plant is a Gov. Gavin Newsom virtue signal to deceptively assure us that we have power backup for wind and solar.

The technology may be useful decades from now but now it is neither safe or cost-effective. Elect Liz Lawler to the Assembly. She puts safety and economic sense ahead of experimenting with our health.

Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey