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Climate change

“Climate change,” Monterey Herald – Oct. 5, 2022

I have to protest the Herald’s Oct. 1 editorial cartoon on climate change deniers. What the cartoon failed to mention is that there have been no hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in the months of July or August and only two in September. NOAA’s outlook for 2022 was for an above-average number of hurricanes (6 to 10 hurricanes).

What about what happened in the Southern Hemisphere in 2021? Last year the South Pole had the coldest winter on record; it even snowed in Brazil, according to the Washington Post.

I still remember when climate-cooling alarmists in the 1940-1970s warned that we were going into another ice age. Now we have California politicians who are planning to force homeowners to rip out their natural gas stoves and central forced-air heaters in the near future. Now that is a change, but for the worse.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel