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The Lockean Project

The real threats to democracy

“The real threats to democracy,” Monterey Herald – September 11, 2022

What President Biden, Democrats and liberals say about semi-fascism is laughable.

Only one president, Biden and his DOJ, goes after political opponents with arrests and middle of the night, draconian raids at their homes and airports.

Only ex-deep state intelligence leaders and agents lie and claim that the real Hunter Biden laptop investigation is Russian misinformation to protect the incompetent and corrupt Biden candidacy.

Only corrupt FBI agents lied to FISA Courts to railroad Trump and his associates.

Only dirty FBI agents went to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to tell them to censor and stop legitimate investigations of the Bidens which interfered with the 2020 presidential election.

The democrats, deep state officials, and the liberal mainstream press are a threat to democracy.

These corrupt groups tried to create a coup against Trump with a false narrative of Russian collusion and false Ukrainian phone calls and a phony impeachment.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey