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History repeating?

“History repeating?” Monterey Herald – September 11, 2022

Some 50 years ago, E. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy broke into the Watergate hotel to find secret files that belonged to Daniel Ellsberg, best known as the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. The Pentagon Papers were classified documents about our involvement in the Vietnam war. Their release was instrumental in pressuring Nixon to end the war and negotiate for a peace agreement  Now, the FBI has searched ex-President Trump’s mansion in search of, you guessed it, classified documents he might have had the authority to keep after leaving office with election time a month or two away.

The two events are alike in many ways, except Biden has been allowed to abuse his authority so often for purposes that would have gotten him impeached in 1972. The most worrisome of these is the billions of dollars in weapons for Ukraine and Taiwan when negotiations are needed more badly.   In contrast, the Democrats in Congress could impeach Trump today for forgetting to tie his shoes if they wanted to.

— Bill Graham, Salinas