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The Lockean Project

Gun Violence

“Gun Violence” – Monterey Herald, May 29, 2022

We have progressively separated ourselves from one another through lesser forms of communication. By doing so, we have dehumanized ourselves to others. Parents are so used to these lesser forms of communication that they have forgotten the natural forms of communication that youth require to build social skills. Primarily empathy. Therefore, these children begin to feel isolated, misunderstood, and lash out in increasingly destructive ways. Starting with violent acts against parents, other kids, animals, and objects. They become emotionally attached to their electronics. So much so that they have psychological withdrawals when these items are inaccessible. When that social itch is never scratched, and their means of aggression are subdued by societal pressure, they explode. This is what we are witnessing. Nothing will stop them from lashing out. This is ridiculous and needs to stop, but gun regulation or a ban is like putting a dirty band-aid over a festering wound. If we don’t address what’s causing the festering, the body will die.

— Brandon Kelsey, Marina