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Passing more gun control won’t prevent tragedies

“Passing more gun control won’t prevent tragedies,” Monterey Herald—May 27, 2022

Many have asked regarding recent school shootings what they can do. If we emphasize the value of life to our families and friends, there will be less tragedies. If you compare the FBI’s crime statistics for murder versus poverty rate, there is also a correlation. Passing more gun control laws won’t help, but helping people prevent negative economic and social consequences will

As a learning resource, I recommend OpenSourceDefense, a website that welcomes people who are new to shooting and is useful for gun owners who want to provide an invitation to those new to shooting. The National Train A Teacher Day is on Saturday, June 18. If you are an instructor offering personal defense courses, you can sign up to volunteer at the NationalTrainaTeacherDay website, or if you are a school teacher, you can sign up there for free training. Finally, if you have not yet cast your ballot for the June 7 election, I recommend voting for Justin Patterson for sheriff. It’s a unique opportunity to cast a vote for someone who is interested in solving homeless problems, and wants to address the community’s desire for self-defense.

— Colin Gallagher, Monterey