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Gov. Newsom needs to end California’s gas tax

“Gov. Newsom needs to end California’s gas tax”, Monterey Herald – March 29, 2022

Really, it makes no sense that Gov. Newsom wants to send out $400 gas tax rebates while he continues to collect over 40 cents a gallon in gas taxes when we have a huge budget surplus. This tax, in a measure passed some years ago, was supposed to be used to improve our roads. If you ever travel any of our state highways, the pot holes are still there that haven’t been fixed in years while neighborhoods and valuable farm land have been taken out to build a bullet train to nowhere, billions of dollars over what it was supposed to cost.

The solution is simple, cut the gas tax and use the surplus to pay for these wasteful projects, hopefully just to close them down and clean up afterwards.

— Bill Graham, Salinas