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Gavin Newsom should bring back nuclear power

“Gavin Newsom should bring back nuclear power”, Monterey Herald – March 29, 2022

Our governor seems so environmentally concerned and aware, so why is California very last in air quality in all of America!?

(1) Closing of nuclear power plants, the cleanest and most sustainable source of grid base load power — and he plans on closing our last one in 2025; (2) Poor land planning, placing residential areas next to freeways; (3) Extremely poor forest management, failing to remove dead wood from state lands, leading to abundant forest fires.

Poor air quality is the main source of respiratory and cardio deaths, which affects the most vulnerable such as the very young, seniors and also, has a higher than normal affect on communities of color and the poor.

This ruling party and our leader the governor tell us constantly that they care about the environment, but they’re doing everything that is making our air and lives dirtier and harder! What gives?

— Dalila Epperson, Monterey