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Weak sanctions

“Weak sanctions”, Monterey Herald – March 8, 2022

Democrats could not have derived weaker sanctions. First, the White House said sanctions were to deter Russia; within two days they said sanctions would take at least a month and are not meant to deter. The ban from SWIFT banking would have been a good step, but Biden failed to invoke that. Freezing accounts is a step, but Biden froze accounts of just five oligarchs and not Putin. The UK sanctioned hundreds of oligarch accounts including Putin. Biden failed to sanction oil and gas, which is the source of all the income Russia is using for the invasion. Biden’s sanctions were so weak that Putin put Biden’s sanction speech on Russian TV, with a subtitle that Biden is supporting the Russian invasion! Let’s get some real leadership in Washington DC; on the Central Coast we can start by removing Jimmy Panetta, a leftist intent upon strangling US energy production and hence lavishing Russia with $110 billion per year in oil revenue.

— Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey