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Electric vehicles actually are high polluters

Electric vehicles actually are high polluters”, Santa Cruz Sentinel—February 18, 2022

Electric vehicles are the highest polluting of all vehicle types. Those promoting electric cars fail to mention that the electricity itself is generated with a large fraction of fossil fuel combustion. But the bigger problem is that an electric vehicle battery can produce more than 17 tons of carbon dioxide in its manufacture. Thus, the electric car must be driven for nine years before it begins to pay back the carbon needed for its battery production compared to a simple hybrid vehicle. That payback equation does not even consider the carbon costs of mining the lithium and toxic metals in the electric battery, or that there is no available recycling mechanism for the lithium ion battery used in electric cars.

Hybrid or plug-in hybrids are by far the most environmentally friendly, with a 25 mile per gallon internal combustion car also far exceeding the electric car in environmental lifetime performance.

— Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey