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‘Treated horrifically’

“‘Treated horrifically’”, Carmel Pine Cone—January 21, 2022

All political nonsense aside, why are the people who were involved in the January 6 Capitol fiasco being caged worse than animals, in jails for over a year with little or no legal representation?

Regardless of your view of that day, why are our representatives in DC not stepping forth and demanding due process for these people who are being treated horrifically, and why is the media not pasting this across the airwaves and printing it in their papers? Isn’t innocent until proven guilty the process in this country?

Violent criminals are released from jail now and commit more violent crimes (run people over with a car and kill people during a Christmas parade) while these fellow humans are treated so poorly.

I have reached out to our local congressman, Jimmy Panetta, and get no answer, no response, crickets. What is wrong in this country?

Mike Cate, Carmel