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Legislators should go

“Legislators should go”, Carmel Pine Cone – Jan. 21, 2022

It is hard to believe that residents of California are quietly accepting the new compost law. Mandatory composting with inspectors coming into homes to check compliance! That’s a scary example of “the slippery slope.” If this is swallowed, what else is on “Big Brother’s” agenda?

Climate change alarmists say it’s to reduce methane emissions when, at the same time, they reject natural gas and nuclear energy. What hypocrites. China and India alone negate all our meaningless and virtue signaling acts.

Meanwhile roads need repair, water shortages are ignored, power is unreliable, crime is rampant, illegal immigrants are draining the system and schools are failing the children. All of these issues are ignored.

No California legislator who voted for the composting law should be returned to office. Refusing to vote for any legislative incumbent would be a good resolution and most likely improve our state government.

David B. Goldenson, Carmel