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School board dispute

“School board dispute,” Carmel Pine Cone – Dec. 31, 2021

I am the parent that Ted Knight superintendent of Carmel Unified School District called the police on for having a medical exemption to the non-binding CDPH mask guidance. He lied to you. There was no angry mob, nobody spewed expletives, and nobody tried to break down the door. We have it all on video.

Knight lied to you after he was told by seven officers that he better call his lawyer when he was trying to demand I stand in the cold and speak for 3 minutes because my doctor says I cannot wear a mask. Meanwhile in Spreckles, over 60 parents spoke, some maskless, and nobody called the police on a mom with a doctor’s note. The officers were right. His lawyer told Ted he was wrong. And, after making parents wait over 2 hours, he canceled the meeting instead of admitting he was wrong and apologizing for the delay.

Knight needs to resign. He thinks discriminating and getting into a power struggle with a parent who just wanted to tell the board the CDPH guidance is non-binding and schools are free to disregard it is the best idea. He has been sued for discrimination once already. He is blindly following his own personal political agenda and not acting in the best interest of our kids. And, Mr. Editor, did you know HIS kids live in Douglas County Colorado where they just lifted any mask “mandate.” Resign or be sued and waste our taxpayer dollars. Ted has a choice to make.

Tracy L. Henderson, Carmel