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Poor reporting

“Poor reporting,” Carmel Pine Cone – Dec. 31, 2022 

Your Dec. 17 article “School board meeting canceled after dispute over mask rules,” did not report the entire truth. Especially with school boards imploding with corruption across America, what a poor job of reporting you have done. Tracy Henderson had video footage of the event! It’s plain to see that the parents are there talking and waiting for the board members to tell them what the delay was. And when they went to the classroom to ask, since that’s where the Board members were sequestered, they found them there talking and laughing about how long the parents would sit out there waiting, and they were without any masks! Ted Knights children attend a school in Colorado where there are no mask mandates. Henderson had a medical exemption for not wearing a mask. Report the truth unbiased!

Dalila Epperson, Monterey