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Questioning taxes

“Questioning taxes”, Monterey Herald – Nov. 3, 2021

It is hard to believe that Catherine Rampell is a writer for The Washington Post. In her Oct. 31 commentary, “The Democrats have chickened out on raising taxes” she took an extremely pro-tax and pro-big government position. There are a number of reasons why even Democrats are skeptical about increasing taxes on everyone and everything possible. America is known as a nation of tax rebels. The American Revolution was, in part, a tax revolt against the British Monarchy.

Moreover, during America’s early years, there was a span of about 80 years where the federal government did not impose any direct taxes — not a penny. We fought three wars without any direct taxation on any American citizen or immigrant.  Most revenue came from tariffs (indirect tax), selling land, and the U.S. Post Office. Many Democrats understand America’s anti-tax sentiment. Therefore, if they want to get reelected, they usually back away from massive tax increases when push comes to shove.

— Sharon Wood, Carmel