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Trump extremist GOP? No insurrection occurred

“Trump extremist GOP? No insurrection occurred”, Santa Cruz Sentinel — November 2, 2021

This is in response to the letter, “Trump GOP is not ‘meaningful opposition.’” I’ll start that an insurrection against our American democracy was actively supported by extremist Republicans. An insurrection did not occur, even though a liberal faction of our population tried desperately to make it appear it had. I’m referring to the officers who were “opening doors” to invite protesters into the building and others who turned out to be FBI informers. And let’s define our American democracy. Are we truly a democracy? The Constitution is supposed to be the backbone of our democracy. Would open borders be allowed in a true democracy? Who’s paying any attention to the Constitution these days? I’m thinking of judges who disregard cases supported by the Constitution, challenging our rights and freedoms on a daily basis, especially freedom of speech and the rule of law. The writer’s definition of an extremist Republican is any Republican.

— Ronni Redmond, Santa Cruz