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Can’t be bribed into civilized behavior

“Can’t be bribed into civilized behavior”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 25, 2021

A recent letter to the editor promotes the fantasy the Taliban can be bribed into giving their victims freedom.  The Taliban, al-Qaida and their assorted Islamic extremist allies are mindless animals. These savages execute Christians and kidnap young women and girls to be their sex slaves. Does anyone with a brain think these people can be bribed into civilized behavior?

Our citizens and the Afghanis who helped us should have been evacuated before the beginning of our pull-out.  Millions of dollars of US weapons are being left in the country.  Some of those weapons should have been provided to the threatened communities so they could defend themselves. Biden’s pull out of Afghanistan is a disgrace and a national embarrassment to this country.

Biden hasn’t been in office for a year, and he’s already a worse president than Obama and Jimmy Carter combined.  But at least he doesn’t post mean tweets.

— Brian Burleson, Seaside

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