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A better plan

“A better plan”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 26, 2021

Biden’s claim that there was no way to prevent the catastrophe in Kabul is untrue.

Step 1.  List all of the civilians that may have to be evacuated and begin screening and vetting them.

Step 2.  Create an evacuation plan listing all of the departure points that you will have to secure.

Step 3.  When the vetting is complete announce your intention to withdraw troops.

Step 4.  If necessary, execute the evacuation plan,  escorting the civilians to their assigned departure points, giving them their visas, documents, vaccinations, and a farewell handshake.

Step 5.  Withdraw the troops.

We had 20 years to do steps 1 and 2 but instead began with step 3.   That still gave us about a year to do steps 1 and 2 but still we did nothing.  If you prepare for an emergency and it doesn’t occur that’s OK.  If an emergency occurs and you did nothing to prepare for it that’s shameful.  If you plan and prepare you won’t have to panic and pray.

— Rick Domras, Castroville