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Amazed at masks

“Amazed at masks” – Carmel Pine Cone, July 23, 2021

I am amazed that county health again wants us to wear masks inside public places. Why? I had to expand the helpful graph in the Pine Cone email just to see the recent micro-blip that the county must be worried about. It’s much smaller than last summer, and truly minuscule compared to January of this year.

This seems to be a California phenomenon. I checked the news and couldn’t find any other states that are bringing masks back. The problem seems to be activist Los Angeles County, home of some of last year’s most egregious lockdowns. Many other California counties, like ours, are like dominoes falling into place in deference to our big neighbor to the south.

In 2020, they told us that a vaccine would save us from a summer of masks. We were told especially that vaccinating a large percentage of older people would put us in good shape to avoid hospitalization and death.

The vast majority of older people did get vaccinated, and there is practically no hospitalization and death. But the mask scare returns. For how long?

Thomas F. Lee, Monterey