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“Insanely big national debt

Carmel Pine Cone – sent March 4, 2024, not published.

On January 2nd of this year, the national debt passed the 34 trillion-dollar mark.  As of the writing of this missive, only two months and 2 days later, that indebtedness has climbed another 480 billion dollars.  At this rate, the national debt will reach 35 trillion dollars in just a few months.  This is not merely paper as some smugly dismiss.  This is jobs, healthcare, homes, food, paychecks, savings, Social Security, and all other pensions.  All the aforementioned are seriously at risk.  Every US state, and likely every county and municipal government in the country is also following the same suicidal policy of incurring massive indebtedness.

It is extremely important that American voters throw off the shackles of ignorance and bigotry against the one presidential candidate who steadfastly asserts the need for responsible economic policies.  That man is Donald Trump, and November looms ominously.  Without a radical reversal of insane spending by the current regime, we stand to lose everything, including our freedoms, to likely the worst economic depression of all time.  Wake up America, lest future generations revile us.

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside

NOTE: Letters of Liberty writers may of course endorse any political candidate of their choice. However, this does not mean that we endorse their candidate. Generally, our policy is not to endorse political candidates.