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The Lockean Project

“P.G.’s future”

Carmel Pine Cone – Jan. 26, 2024

Last week Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake doubled down on disunity in the town when he appointed a new DEI Task Force member who has made a career out of blaming an entire race of people for being too ignorant and “screwed up” to know they are the source of all racism. It is a rotten viewpoint leaving the kind and giving citizens of Pacific Grove no alternative but to admit guilt and make reparations. A page right from the DEI playbook of “Divisive, Elitist Indoctrination.” Imagine the DEI Task Force as a “profit center” whose products of disharmony, blame, and shame have bankrupted its own bottom line and the goodwill of the city.

After three years of DEI foolishness, it’s time to cut our losses and invest in a new product line featuring hope, grace and revitalization for our kids and grandkids. Why not assemble a hometown team of “early stage” local investors willing to create a “Pacific Grove Venture Fund” to help solve some of the big problems facing us now? Launch “catalyst” projects like building innovative and unique affordable housing for young people who want to start up businesses and attract entrepreneurial talent to the area, or restore our historical and cultural assets like Chautauqua Hall, or raise capital to purchase the NOAA building. Just imagine the possibilities!

On Jan. 16, Leadership Pacific Grove hosted a town hall forum during which Kate Daniels, Monterey County District 5 Supervisor candidate, endorsed the idea of attracting venture investors to innovate the future of Monterey County. I call on Mayor Peake and the Pacific Grove City Council to close the book on DEI and write the next great chapter for P.G., one filled with grace, opportunity, and generosity.

Mike Gibbs, Pacific Grove