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The Lockean Project

“Too many immigrants”

Carmel Pine Cone, Jan. 19, 2024

The United States does not have the resources to help all 8 billion people on earth. No one is morally obligated to kill oneself in order to help another, and America is not morally obligated to plunge itself into chaos and darkness to help the rest of the world.

Millions, if not billions, of decent, ordinary people are in desperate need of food, clean water, shelter, and medical care. There is no way that prosperous countries like the United States can let them all in. Our country is unable now to address the needs of many of its citizens. The impact of mass immigration on education, health care, law enforcement, social services, and culture is crippling.

It is not heartless, unvirtuous, or unchristian to prevent dire harm to all future generations in this land. Allowing deliberately orchestrated, catastrophic mass immigration to continue is not a matter of limited “self-sacrifice,” it is a matter of survival. Unless we confront this mass immigration issue now as a question of survival rather than sympathy, it will be the end of this country.

As an example, Africa’s population is projected to quadruple by 2100 to more than 4 billion, and it is entirely reasonable that 1 billion people would want to immigrate to America over merely the next decade if the border remains open. Whether we are Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian, we owe it to our children, to our grandchildren, and to our posterity, to pass on to them this great nation, which will not remain a great nation if there are no rules regarding who can come here.

John Conricode, King City