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“Stealing a beach”

Carmel Pine Cone – Jan. 5, 2024

I was pleased to see The Pine Cone give a fairly unbiased reporting of my arrest on Carmel Beach. There were a few things mentioned in the article, however, that were incorrect and need to be addressed.

Firstly, that I was “arrested for being on the beach unlawfully while it was shut down.” I thought I had made it clear that there is no such thing as standing on a California beach unlawfully. Even forwarding her Article X, Section 4 of the California Constitution which reads in part “…  so that access to the navigable waters of this State shall be always attainable for the people thereof.” Secondly, nowhere in my communication did I claim that “the health director and the department of health have the authority to order police to arrest violators under those circumstances.” I also made this clear, no government agent has the authority to lay hands on us when we’re accessing or standing near the ocean, never mind throw the cuffs and drag us off to a cage for doing so. Mary Schley was correct, though, in writing the federal judge had criticized my complaints because they “did not contain a short and plain statement.” Well, I listened to the judge and learned my lesson.

In Carmel’s most recent motion to dismiss, we are now, finally, arguing the law… and the battle is on. We the People cannot allow politicians to lay claim to entire swaths of nature — like conquerors. And who they tried to conquer was the people that pay their fat salaries, you know, their bosses.

If my neighbors want to see a summary of city council’s theft on the weekend when the country celebrated its liberation from tyranny, they can go to my channel and watch, “How an Unelected Politician Stole a Beach from God’s Children.”

Theresa Buccola, Carmel

See the video that shows the arrest of people walking on Carmel beach during the July 4th holiday.