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The Lockean Project

“Garbage rates”

Carmel Pine Cone—December 29, 2023

Waste Management is at it again. Effective Jan. 1, it is again raising its rates by 8.72 percent and, consistent with the past, doing nothing to improve service. Coupling that with their heavy-handed rules as to how to fill a container and the photographing of each unit, we are not well served. All of this is with the approval of our county supervisors and their staff.

The only answer, as it is in almost every situation, is to introduce competition and get the government out of the way. Let the residents have a choice as to who picks up their garbage.

It may not be the most efficient on paper but the “invisible hand” of the market will give us the best solution. Write your supervisor and see if you can get him or her to do their job and look out for the inhabitants.

Michael Addison, Carmel