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The Lockean Project


Monterey Herald – Dec. 5, 2023

Finally, someone is speaking the truth.  Thomas Elias’ commentary “Expanding one-size-fits-all approach” finally speaks about how the housing that is being crammed down our throats will really affect communities. Developers will not have to finance new schools, parks, or roads to accommodate the larger population.  Proposed new water-use rules will require all the state’s water supply agencies to develop new water-use budgets yearly.  There will be usage cuts everywhere from now on starting no later than two years from now, even in places with plentiful water.  So, when I have asked politicians about where the water will come from or who will pay for the roads and schools that will be impacted by all the dense (likely unaffordable) new housing, we know it won’t be developers.  We also know the state is way over budget and won’t have the money for infrastructure.  So, yep, we the taxpayers will be paying for it in addition to losing our quiet, single-family communities that we bought years ago and always counted on being there.  It’s all so sad. Cities will lose their ability to govern themselves and protect their environments!

— Nancy Ponedel Parsons, Pacific Grove