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CRT produces hate and murder

“CRT produces hate and murder”, Carmel Pine Cone – November 17, 2023

Let us remember with profound anguish the lost life of 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis in Las Vegas. The sinister power of CRT to instill murderous hate extends even to instilling reflexive self-hate, as seen in Nashville shooter Audrey Hale, who targeted “little crackers” with “white privilege” for death, which would be concealed by haters of the truth.

CRT, which infiltrates California public schools, is a mutation of Neo-Marxism, with its dialectic of supposed oppressor group and supposed victim group. But Neo-Marxist is nothing but demagoguery and the stifling of logical dissent. Any challenge to the oppressor-victim-dialectic is reactionary “thought crime.” Neo-Marists attribute all the problems of the supposed victim group to crimes of centuries past. Marxism, including its offshoot Neo-Marxism, has brought nothing but boundless misery in the enslavement and murder of millions.

Inequality is not intrinsically unjust. Inequality is not always wrong. Justice, in fact, implies that there will not be equal outcomes.

Neo-Marxists tell us that everyone is equal in the new utopia, irrespective of merit. Why should, say, an illegal alien who doesn’t work, have a BMW and a nice house? Because the Neo-Marxists tell them that everyone is equal in the new utopia, irrespective of merit.

If the left truly cared about racial equality, they would focus on such things as the pandemic of fatherlessness among Blacks, and on crime and violence among young Black males. Furthermore, for anti-White racists, no lie is more essential than that anti-White racism is not racism. This exceeds even their lie that White pride is racism while every other non-White racial pride is not racism.

Neo-Marxism is repulsive and very divisive. Instead of understanding society as coming together cooperatively to pursue the common good. Neo-Marxism sees only the conflict of the oppressor-victim dialectic. An irony is that although one-third of California is ostensibly Catholic, and the Catholic Church has condemned communism, Jorge Bergoglio himself seems to be Marxist.

John Conricode, King City