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Askew should resign

“Askew should resign”, Carmel Pine Cone – Nov. 10, 2023

Karin McQuillan was correct in calling out the antisemitism displayed by county supervisor Wendy Askew. Of course, Askew can’t be so ignorant that she doesn’t know that Jews do not undertake genocide, but simply defend their right to live in Israel and the United States.

Israel always issues warnings to civilians before any offensive attack, and it’s no different after the barbaric attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas butchers. On the other hand, no civilization or its government uses its citizens as human shields and places its weapons, including rockets and ammunition, under schools and hospitals the way Hamas does.

It will probably take the next election to vote this Hamas apologist out of office. Perhaps Supervisor Askew would do us all a favor and resign following her willful display of antisemitism.

Carl S. Ingber, M.D., Pebble Beach