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If you see something

“If you see something”, Monterey Herald, sent on Sept. 20, 2023, was not published

If you see something, say something! Obviously, Buena Vista Middle School principal Kristin Ferderber and school Superintendent Eric Tarallo did not adhere to this warning from Homeland Security when they had the opportunity.

Prevention of the school shooting that could have taken place at Buena Vista was no thanks to the people in charge. Two arrests have been made for students who had been terrifying fellow students for weeks and threatening to shoot up the school.

All the while this was happening, parents were getting vague cover-up emails from Mr. Turillo regarding the problems transpiring. Because of the appalling delays in alerting the local authorities, ultimately one of the thirteen-year-old bullies held a knife to another student’s throat on September 7th and the Sherriff wasn’t called until the day after. Why? Then, on September 18th another student made threats to shoot up the school.

Where was the leadership at this school? Why do the people who are supposed to be protecting our kids, wait for an elevated crime to occur before doing their duty and calling the local authorities? Why wait for a school shooting, only to cry out for stricter gun laws? What we need are stricter guidelines for hiring quality school administrators who have the common sense to put into practice “when you see something, say something!”

Sharon Coco Wood, Carmel