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Monterey Rental Registry 3

“Monterey Rental Registry 3” – Monterey Herald – Sept. 13, 2023

This Monterey City Council has consistently misinformed the public on rents in Monterey. Firstly, it costs 40% more to build one unit of an apartment in Monterey and San Francisco than it does in most of California.  Also, a past city council passed a new development fee to build apartments in Monterey. Those are two of the factors why rents are higher in Monterey.

Secondly, the costs of lumber have gone up significantly. Other costs have increased greatly for tar, tile, windows, and paint.  These materials and others are what apartment owners use for repairs and construction.  Councilman Haffa and the mayor never acknowledge these facts.

If housing is a human right, then having a car, health care, food, clothes, cable television, a cell phone, furniture, and other things must be a human right by the mayor’s edict. That means, that people deserve these things, even, without earning them so others must work to give them to others who may not work. What the  Declaration of Independence states is for the citizen to have a right to pursue happiness.

Apartment owners have kept neighborhoods in Monterey clean and safe at the same time providing a product and service.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey