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“Bidenomics,” Monterey Herald – Sept. 5, 2023

Joe Biden’s touting his successful Bidenomics to the country is about as truthful as his not knowing anything about what and who his son Hunter was dealing with in foreign countries the past 10 years. If his plan is working, why is gas $5 a gallon, why are home interest rates now over 7%, and why do you need an armed guard to protect your groceries when leaving the store? Why is inflation at such a high rate, not to mention the increases in just about everything we need to conduct our lives in a suitable manner?  His plan is, as his presidency, a dismal and historic failure and honest historians will accurately judge his presidency as the worst in U.S. history.

Crime in the large blue-controlled cities is out of control and spiraling into anarchy, the streets are littered with the homeless, drug addicts, and an ever-increasing number of illegal aliens that are allowed into our country by a president who obviously panders to those who do not have our country’s best interests in their hearts.

Foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster, we are at war with Russia, we are becoming subservient to China losing our status as the number one country in the world, China will soon attack Taiwan, Biden continues to send billions to Ukraine for the preventable war while promising to send $700 to Maui residents to help them recover from the recent devastation. Biden fiddles while the country burns!

So, how can the socialist Democrats address all these urgent problems? Simple, send another indictment to Trump. This time, be sure to include the charges that he, Mrs. O’Leary, and an unnamed cow knowingly and together conspired to ignite the fire that ravaged Chicago.

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra