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“Biden”, Monterey Herald – August 15, 2023

The months leading up to September 1, 1939, in Europe were very scary. The Grand Appeaser in History, Neville Chamberlain, was in full form, groveling to Adolf Hitler in a vain attempt to avert war.  He failed, and soon after he gave up the prime ministership in disgrace. Today, times are just as scary. A new axis of evil has formed: Communist China, Fascist Russia, and Theocratic Iran. Today we have a leader just as weak and incompetent as Chamberlain. Not only is Joe Biden a compromised leader on the world stage, but his domestic policies are causing our country to rot from the inside.  If Americans do not wake up soon, it may be too late to stop the Joe Biden train wreck.

— Terrence Zito, Pacific Grove