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“Education,” Monterey Herald – August 1, 2023

I would like to suggest that we as a society no longer use the term teacher or educator when addressing those individuals whom we drop off our children to at the beginning of the day. Propagandists and merchants of false information would be the more appropriate title for the latest generation of those who fit the category of “if you can’t do anything else, then teach.”

Never in my life have I met so many propagandists in one profession who have no clue about reality. They are not well-traveled, have no military or Peace Corps experience, are still living at home with their parents, are not well-read, or are not capable of any kind of reasonable discourse regarding the challenges facing our state or our country, never mind the rest of the world.

Recently while reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, A Letter to Liberals,” I was approached by the wife of one of our local big-time school officials who refused to even touch the book once I told her what the premise of it was. She ran so fast she probably could have made our Olympic team; is this what we want from our educators?

If you love your children and want them to succeed in the future, I’d do everything possible to get them out of our public schools and into some other venue where they will actually be taught the important things in life.

— Richard K. O’Mara, Pacific Grove