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Cocaine coverup

 “Cocaine coverup”, Monterey Herald – July 26, 2023

Common sense leads one to believe that the mishandling of the cocaine in the White House by the not-so-Secret Service was deliberate and that the destruction of the nickel bag is unacceptable behavior in another attempt by government to cover up for the Biden or some high-ranking member of the White House staff. I would suggest that if the cocaine was brought in by a working stiff, he/she would have already been thrown under the bus.

The not-so-secret Secret Service claims they cannot determine the bag’s owner and have closed the investigation, which means either a cover-up or gross incompetence on their part. Methinks the Secret Service is unable to find its own derriere with both hands and that the cocaine is not the only dope in the White House.

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra