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Disrespecting justice

“Disrespecting justice”, Monterey Herald – July 11, 2023

First, there was the Russian collusion lie set up by Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party using a fake dossier on Trump. Seconded by FBI agents lying to the FISA courts.

Next, the Ukrainian telephone call lie of Trump culminated by pathological liar Adam Schiff’s fake telephone call testimony to Congress. Then the corrupt impeachments of Trump by the Democrats.

Then the dishonest attacks on Trump and the Jan. 6th incident with the mainstream press abetting the fake and dishonest attacks on Trump on every issue.

And the deep state used 51 worthless ex-intelligence agents and CIA heads to place a lie that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation. As Joe Biden used this lie in the debate with Trump to score untrue points and this helped to censor, unfairly, the New York Post and Trump on Twitter and Facebook.

And then the fake raid on the Trump compound to boot.

Yet the corrupt deep state, mainstream media, and Democrat Party need gullible left-wing letter writers who want innocent and patriotic Donald Trump arrested for one reason, to try to stop him from running for office. Nothing like liberals and the dirty establishment criminals showing every day that they disrespect justice and democracy.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey 

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