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Forgetting Biden

“Forgetting Biden,” Monterey Herald – July 5, 2023

I couldn’t agree more with a recent letter, readers have to be reminded Trump isn’t president anymore because Biden’s been so forgettable and abysmal. They need someone to escape from facing the Biden-nomics of inflation and wasteful military spending.

Three years later, the letters column writers are still making far-fetched comparisons of Trump with Hitler and cult leaders. He’s even inspiring a study of philosophy. It seems they’ve all been fed the same Kool-Aid of a Jim Jones-like cult, ready to follow Biden into a possible World War 3 with Russia while the economy slides into depression with an internet in every kitchen instead of a chicken in every pot.

No president in recent history made a greater positive impact on our country than Trump. I’ll put up with his post-election tantrums any day instead of Biden’s endless, senseless war in Ukraine. I’m sure he knows better now how to handle any remote chance of defeat.

— Bill Graham, Salinas       

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