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Stain of insanity

“Stain of insanity,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 9, 2023

Well done, Pine Cone, for calling out Monterey’s “housing registry” nonsense last week. You correctly identified and outlined the extent of the problem and the avenue and policies required to explore solutions.

It is astounding to me that with so many thoughtful and intelligent residents that we ended up with elected officials who pander to the sound-bite, easy-solution rabble-rousing mob that tends to dominate conversations such as these. One would think that with clear examples right next door of what happens with registry/rent control/extra regulations that our residents — and elected officials — should be able to discern what happens next. Only if you like the outcomes in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and now San Jose/Santa Cruz, only if you want those outcomes here, should you continue on this path.

Bravo, Pine Cone. Continue to shine the light on the spreading stain of insanity.

Peter Nielsen, Pebble Beach