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100 percent correct

“100 percent correct,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 9, 2023

The most recent editorial in The Pine Cone was 100 percent correct in explaining that government regulation, especially here in the most over-regulated, tyrannical state in the nation, is the cause of the housing problem we now face. While those abused by malicious housing providers must have basic protections, our government, both state and local, haven taken all safeguards too far and now they themselves have become the abusers.

As our government officials and bureaucrats lead us down the road to socialist ruin, perhaps they need some re-education regarding the premise on which the United States was created. Politicians and city officials spew rhetoric blaming property owners for the ills that they have themselves produced and that is shameful.

When a well-respected, long-serving, and admired former politician like Sam Farr makes a shockingly ludicrous statement saying that those with vacation homes “tick him off.” I know that we are in trouble because younger leaders might listen to such nonsense. Second, third, or even fourth homeowners are not responsible for our lack of affordable housing. He doesn’t like the way some citizens use their own private property and wants the government to tell you what you must do with it. Do not comply and you will be punished. This is wholly un-American.

Our elected officials should inspire and encourage and instead have become dream stealers and hope killers.

Back to the issue at hand, an involuntary rental registry will not help provide housing. It is a smoke screen of greedy control and another step toward dismantling private property rights and an expensive one at that. Working in a positive, mutually beneficial way with your city’s landlords would certainly go much further toward helping those in need of housing if that is actually their goal. This vilifying approach will likely have the opposite effect.

Lauren Cohen, Monterey