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Next election

“Next election,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 2, 2023

Carmel is one of the greenest cities in America, with our 4,000-square-foot lots and small homes, no streetlights or sidewalks, many sacred trees and the most beautiful beach in the world. All in 1 square mile.

Other than 100 small lots with no water we are built out, which means there is no room for the state’s unconstitutional mandate of finding room for an additional 350 dwellings.

I suggest our city continue a paper charade while simultaneously joining the 80 other Californian cities fighting this horrible power grab from Sacramento. Anything proposed by the city should be put to a vote at the next general election.

And to any of our esteemed council members who push this any faster than that, I say own it and stand by it at your next election. History shall judge this pivotal moment moving forward.

Mark Bayne, Carmel