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Hidden tax is a burden on all

“Hidden tax is a burden on all,” Monterey Herald – March 21, 2023

I appreciated Victor Gomez’s “Hidden tax is a burden on all.” His article about a California law that led to a company being penalized $70,000 for “failing to list the beginning date and end date on a check stub,” reminded me of the horrors that the German National Socialists inflicted upon the German business community.

The anti-capitalist Nazis penalized businesses for the slightest mistakes. In one case, the authorities imposed “a fine of millions of marks for a single bookkeeping error,” as mentioned in Günter Reimann’s 1939 book “The Vampire Economy.” Reimann, who fled Nazi Germany after the Gestapo raided his house in 1934, noted that such authoritarian tactics were “simply a pretext for partial expropriation of the private capitalist.”

Confiscation of private property is just around the corner in California.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel