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Mad governor’s mandate

“Mad governor’s mandate,” sent to the Carmel Pine Cone, March 8, 2023, but not published

The staggering arrogance of Carmel council members Ferlito and Richardson deserves, at the very least, a stern reminder that it is every American citizen’s right to object to oppressive governance.  It is in fact, the responsibility of the citizenry to do so as liberty actually requires a bold populace.

The entire issue of a mad governor’s mandate to demand California cities increase their density, against all common sense of health and safety issues, is entirely a construct of the Democrat Party. Enforcing immigration laws and allowing ICE to perform their duty, both actions which are rabidly obstructed by the Democrat Party would greatly alleviate the fabricated need to create the slums of the near future.  It also would serve a greater global humanitarian good by forcing tides of humanity to better the political and societal needs of their own native countries.  Indeed, by allowing this illegal immigration here we actually steal the potential for foreign people’s relief from the foul governance of their own nations.

Ferlito and Richardson are sadly typical of political hacks today in that the only governing formula they know is to implement taxes and restrict freedoms. Rather than bravely representing their constituents, they placidly accept being cuckolded by demented edicts from the Governor’s office. California today is a one-party state, a fact that should instill great trepidation in the mindsets of a free people.  This is more than an issue of dangerously increased housing mandates.  This is an issue of basic freedom and quality of life.  So, indeed, speak up.  Write your own letters.  Let these arrogant office holders experience a bit of the bitter taste of dissent.  And then in 2024, simply cast the foul Democrat Party into the dustbin of history in California.

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside

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