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The Lockean Project

Time of darkness

“Time of darkness,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 26, 2023

We seem to be entering a time of darkness where up is down and down is sideways, an era of spectacular mediocrity and superficiality. America was once a beacon of light; now it has become a dungeon of despair. Our justice system has become unjust, protecting dangerous criminals while prosecuting innocent victims.

One’s race determines everything or nothing. Everything imaginable is somehow racist — roads, bridges, houses, daylight savings time, outdoor sports, airplanes, ships, foods, et cetera.

The free flow of speech is mocked as hateful and racist disinformation. Education continues to die unceremoniously under a politicized, sexualized, and statist environment. Government schools have become wastelands. Fifty-five schools in Chicago, for instance, recently reported that not a single student was proficient in math or reading.

Many churches and institutions see God as a stranger. The great Judeo-Christian ideals of Western Civilization that embraced individual liberty are swept aside to make room for dictatorial collectivism. We will soon reap what we have sowed.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel