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Racial injustice

“Racial injustice,” Monterey Herald—January 3, 2023

Reparations for slavery is as racist an idea in California history. 350,000 white Union soldiers died fighting against and defeating slavery in the Civil War. The 13th amendment to abolish slavery, the 14th amendment, to allow Black people to become citizens and the 15th amendment to allow Black people to vote, were all passed by, solely, a white congress.

The disparity between white and Black family incomes, is largely due to 72% unwed pregnancies in the Black community, which leads to instant poverty when, the male parent abandons the family and there is one or no breadwinner. Secondly, the massive Black-on-Black crime has created a very poor business environment in the Black communities. Thirdly, according to Black civil rights leader Robert Woodson Jr., 75% of the $50 billion spent on anti-poverty programs over the last 60 years for the inner cities was stolen by the Democrat party for personal use by politicians and not for poor people for which it was intended.

And Black Americans, still, overwhelmingly, vote for the corrupt Democrat Party.

California was never a slave state and forcing Americans who were never slave owners, to give to others who were never slaves is racial injustice.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey 

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