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“Freedom,” Monterey Herald – Dec. 3, 2022

Right now, there are major upheavals in China and Iran.

The people of China are protesting against the Chinese Communist Party and its lockdowns and lack of allowing freedom for its citizens. But President Biden has remained silent instead of supporting these major protests for freedom.

Not only is President Biden not supportive of the Iranian protests against the Muslim leadership but neither is the women’s movement in the United States. Organizations like N.O.W. and others should be speaking out against how Iranian women have been treated in Iran and millions of other women in the Middle East. American women should be speaking out against forced hajib wearing by women and the many other lack of rights and also injustices to all females there.

Middle Eastern women have been begging Western women for years to support them but their silence is deafening. Only cowardice and selfishness occupy the Western and American women’s movement and these women are not warriors like are the Iranian women.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey