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What school board lacks

“What school board lacks,” Carmel School Board — Oct. 28, 2022

Letter writers Ted Knight, Bill Schrier, and Lisa Brazil must know that the big problems with our government-run educational system are not isolated issues.

For instance, the Carmel Unified School District board members earlier this year held a public board meeting. They suddenly left the room full of parents for a secret executive meeting. Fine. But they did not inform the parents as to when they would return. The board members had retreated to an adjacent classroom, staying there for hours.

Finally, some parents came looking for them. Several parents found them simply socializing with each other. The board members refused to come out or tell the public when they would return to the meeting. It seemed that the board members were acting like unruly children. Why were they hiding from the public?

Government organizations have the habit of keeping secrets and hiding problems. The only way to discover misdeeds, if they exist, is to have an independent leader on the school board.

When the Justice Department accused worried parents of being “domestic terrorists,” we knew that something was not right. That is why I am running. Seems simple. Why would principled educational officials be scared of my candidacy?

Lawrence Samuels, Carmel

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