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Art and history

“Art and history,” Carmel Pine Cone – July 29, 2022

Two years ago, the Serra statue in Carmel was removed for fear it would be vandalized. This went along with a petition, which may have been related to the threats to vandalize the Serra statue, insisting that the Carmel High School Padre mascot also be removed.

Now they aren’t even certain what to do with the little empty structure that held the Serra statue on the corner. Maybe they could replace it with a chamber of commerce billboard?

If they are going to remove all religious statues, shouldn’t they also demand the Carmel Mission and others be razed as well? And what about that cross on the hill opposite Mission Ranch? Maybe replace it with a cell tower?

And shouldn’t Clint be forced to change the Mission Ranch name? Maybe something like Sheepish Ranch? And what about all those mission bells marking the mission trails on our highways; replace them with a series of Burma Shave slogans?

And I think Mission Street and Serra Avenue in Carmel need to be renamed as well. They’re very offensive…

Art and history be damned.

Doan Hoag, Carmel