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Climate Not Driven by Human Action

“Climate Not Driven by Human Action,” not published —  Submitted July 3, 2022 to Monterey Herald

Global warming is NOT driven by human activities, as some have recently attested. Climatologists and chaologists have proven this many times.  If humans were responsible for climate change, then why was the Roman Warm Period of two thousand years ago 3.5F to 5F degrees hotter than today? During that era, sea levels rose so high that the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea coalesced into one body of water, as recorded during Alexander the Great’s invasion of Persia and Afghanistan.

What really affects the earth’s climate is the sun. This nuclear fusion-powered furnace has a mass of about 330,000 times that of the earth. Solar activity and its cycles illustrate the complexity of chaotic behavior, hurling colossal clouds of hot plasma willy-nilly into outer space. When the sun increases such waves of energy, the earth experiences more warmth; with fewer waves of energy, the earth becomes a little colder. This is nothing earth-shattering, literally. In reality, humans have no real control over the sun’s energy output or the earth’s climate. To think so is delusional.

Dalila Epperson