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No fireworks measure

“No fireworks measure,” Monterey Herald – July 13, 2022

In their July 7 meeting, Seaside’s City Council members lamented that illegal firework activity increases each year, despite ongoing efforts to curb it. They’re considering a measure for the November ballot that lets voters decide whether to ban “Safe & Sane” fireworks. This is bewildering since the council and acting police chief indicated that their real concern is illegal fireworks. The acting police chief verbalized that a Safe & Sane fireworks ban would not affect illegal fireworks activity. Council members voiced that if the measure appears on the ballot, it would likely fail anyway due to resistance from the fireworks industry. Adding the measure to the November ballot would cost Seaside taxpayers $145,000. It would cost considerably more if placed on a special election ballot. This money would be better spent on streets, sidewalks, youth programs, fire, and police. If passed, the ban would punish law-abiding citizens for the deeds of others. That is neither fair nor sensible. Nonprofits, community service, and youth organizations raise thousands of dollars through fireworks sales. This measure will not solve the problem it’s trying to address. But if passed, the measure will harm the community, be a burden on taxpayers, and punish law-abiding citizens.

— Chris Kramer, Seaside