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Whose fault?

“Whose fault?” Carmel Pine Cone – July 8, 2022

Gas prices continue to climb with new taxes and a forecast for even higher prices as China’s economy revives. Biden knows who’s to blame for the high gas prices. It’s “the Russians, the Russians, the Russians.” He makes this nonsensical “Russians” claim, travels to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil and approves buying oil from Venezuela. None of that will control inflation but does hurt Americans needlessly.

Our country has excess capacity. Biden brought us high gas prices by shutting down and restricting domestic production, canceling pipelines, and denying financing for fossil fuel production.
Biden gave up our energy security. He denies the truth for the sake of his climate-alarmist agenda. He creates the problem, claims it’s not his fault and now takes credit for working to solve it.

David B. Goldenson, Carmel


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